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Saturday, March 24, 2018

Catching the Travel Bug

Location: Haleiwa, North Shore Hawaii.

Yep, thats right! We finally made it out of the country on a real holiday. 
It only took us 8 years of talking about it, and no it wasn't England as i always dreamt our first trip would be but Hawaii instead with all of it's rustic tropical charm. 
I've found it so hard in the recent years to take a step back from work and really take some time to ourselves and finding the perfect balance of work/life is something i really want to work on this year. 

If i'm honest i'm a little ashamed of the fact that this was my first trip out of the country and i was a little anxious about the whole experience. I always dreamed i'd be frying around the world exploring some incredible cities through my early twenties but life got in the way and those dreams just got pushed aside. So i'm so happy to be able to say that yes i do have a stamp in my passport, even if it's only one... for now. 

I now see the big fuss people make about travelling the world and i wish unashamedly admit i have caught the travel bug. Before i got home i was already planning the next trip away. Dreaming of the wonderful places i'm still to explore.
But for now i can say that i've done Hawaii, and while i didn't get a chance to discover all of it's beauty, i loved what i did see.