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Friday, December 1, 2017

The Summer Dress I'll Never Stop Wearing

Oh Summer. The season that i love so dearly but the one that hates me. Between the abundance of freckles that bloom, ever bolder on my cheeks and shoulders to the fine lines that have appeared on my face, i know that summer is forever that friend that i hate to love. 
Like the addiction you know is terrible for your health but you can't give up.

Even so, the excitement i feel for this season is something i can never hide (like i can the new imperfection of my skin). Summer has always been my season. The time i feel most alive. The time i can wear a dress from 4am to 9pm and never think about an extra layer. When i can forget that i'm a pale red head and believe that the tan i grow is my real shade that i will keep forever. 
Every summer i fall in love with a new dress. I'll wear it to death. I still have last summer's favourite hanging in my wardrobe, a complete mess. I'll admit, once i love a piece ill show it all the love i have until it can't take anymore. 
This is the dress that this summer i will wear to death. Probably. It's lack of shape allows me to hide my croissant breakfast but is easy to throw off when it's time to hit the beach (and work on that tan).
I don't have to think about my outfit but i know it will look amazing for the Noosa and Byron Bay beaches that i'll spend most of the next few months.