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Monday, April 3, 2017

In real life

Life. It happens. It throws curveballs. It turns unexpectedly. It's a roller coaster and we have to ride it. Thats life.

You've been with me for over 5 years now. You've seen my ups and my down and now I'm here. The sunny sunshine coast. I've been on a massive adventure, discovering this country and discovering myself and it's lead me here, for now. 
If i have learnt anything over the last 12 months its that life is here to be lived. We grow up being told to do this and do that. We spend years in education to only feel like we wasted it all by the end. 
But... without those years of schooling, those horrendous late shifts in dead end jobs and boyfriends/girlfriends that we pretend to forget do you think you would be in the exact position you're at now? My bet is no.
I've had those jobs, those years at uni and the long list of diplomas that i may never use but it's made me who i am and led me to this beautiful place. Led me to discovering another piece of who i am and what i want from this life. 
For now I'm going to enjoy every little thing. Get drenched in the rain on a 5am beach walk, face my fears and learn to surf, and discover sweet cafe's to chill in all afternoon. 
I'm taking each day at a time. Each moment at a time. Taking all of it in. And then? 
who knows, lets wait and see.