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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Shredded Threads

Shorts- Cotton On

As a lover of both fashion and fitness i've decided to add couple of new sections to my blog, the first of while being sports style, where i share with you some activewear that i have been loving. 

I thought i'd kick this off with a label called Shredded Threads, which is a new-to-town business which have already caught my attention. I saw them while scrolling through twitter and thought they looked fresh as! So a few days later i had a few of their pieces at my doorstep. I'm so glad i ordered a number of the same singlet because i've been living in this one, i swear everyone at the gym must think i always wear the same top, but no- one style, many many different tops. 
What really caught my attention with this style was the light weight material and bright colours. I am a fashion blogger after all so a great style is always a great feature of any piece and of course if i can match it to my shoes well.... added bonus. 
You can pick yourself up one of these bad boys from their site where there is a few other colours to choose from. Oh and don't worry fellas, there's some there for you too. 
Definitely recommend checking them out!