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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Summer Essentials with

Summer is just around the corner and this is how i plan on spending it.

We all know what kind of girl i am, the chilled back kind with an ice cream in one hand and another ice cream in the other, trying to snapchat the amazingness of the sweet situation (pardon the pun). I'm a beach girl. I've said it before. So when summer time rolls around i'm the first one to jump around in excitement and head to the nearest beach. Exactly what i did the other day when i finished work, I jumped in the old Land Rover and took a board down which was a bit useless as there were little waves.
I know you're all probably wondering what my 'Summer essentials' are, looking for a little inspo for the warmer months ahead. I dont have many. My dog, good company, some waves and a helluva good bikini, or in this occasion a one piece which is so perfect for those days that i do have more than one ice cream and feeling a little on the pudgy side of things. Also great for avoiding bikini slip incidents while surfing, now girls i know you know what i'm talking about here!

If you're loving this killer piece as much as i am or want to check out what else Boohoo has to offer this season then head to

The weekend is coming up very soon so make sure you do something you love, whether it's chilling at home, heading to the beach or hanging with friends. Oh, and leave me a comment below with what your summer essentials are.

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