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Friday, October 30, 2015

#EverNatural with Emu Australia


Im not a glamorous girl, i'm your typical 'Australian Beach Girl' driving around in a surf wagon (a trusty Land Rover), dreaming about all of the places i  can travel. But a good pair of heels is a MUST, and i think i've found them.

What i wore:
an adorable puppy and a sweet sweet ride

 A good pair of heels is an essential part of any girls wardrobe, along with a bold lippy and a pretty dress (or 50).  Like i said, im no city girl. Take me out to dinner and i choose fish and chips on the sandy dunes, watching the sunset. Glamour or no glamour, i do know a good pair of shoes.
There's not many designers i follow religiously, but one that always catches my attention is Emu. Yep, thats me, trotting around the place in a roasty toasty pair of uggs.
So when i came across the latest collection from Emu Australia my inner child spoke up with a 'i want that one and that one and that one and tha.......'
These suede heels are not just beauties, they're also comfortable enough that i'd wear every day, with any outfit including my pajamas because hell, who hasn't wanted to prance around in high heels in your jimmy jams.

What can i say, I know what my feet like.

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