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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

How to nail 'Smart Casual'

Because we all want to be comfortable and stylish at the same time, right?

Vera Wang boots (very well worn)

I never understood the term 'Smart Casual' until one day not so long ago when i found myself dressing exactly that way. In my line of work 'Cafe Owner/Barista' it's important to look smart but still feel incredibly comfortable in what I'm wearing and I'm assuming thats the case for 90% of you guys and gals reading this, right?

I'm not one to give certain trends or looks a name, so really, it's whatever you make of it. It's entirely down to how you intemperate those words and what you see as 'smart' and what you see as 'casual'. 
A nice blouse and boyfriend jeans? Pencil Skirt and tee? 

For me, this is it. 
Comfy tee, fitted black jeans, heeled boots and a statement jacket. Something i would wear to work or on a day off. 
Very 'Smart Casual', don't ya think?