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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Gone with the Wind

I hope you all had an incredible Easter break and did eat the entirety of your chocolate stash, like myself. (my waist line will be feeling that one very soon!)
As the summer weather draws to an end and autumn starts to poke her head around the tree which has started to fade from green to yellow to orange i find myself wandering more and more along the beaches around where i live, grateful for the close proximity to such a beautiful place. Not wanting to let go of the sunshine quite yet i've taken to the long maxi's again. Long enough to keep my legs warm while still trying to get a little tan. This stunner of a piece is from Her Fashion Box which i have been absolutely lusting over for the past few months. I do suggest you look into it too, if you love a little surprise in your post box every month. If i didn tmove around so often i would subscribe in a second, let me tell you now!

In other news i have been spending all of my time and energy into a huge project which i cant wait to share with you all in the next week or so. Remember you can stay updated through my social media, links will be below. (plus you can also catch me on snapchat these days with the username jessieemilyb)