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Thursday, March 12, 2015

My new style obsession: The White Blouse

There's nothing i like more than waking up before the sun and strolling along the beach at low tide, and watching the glorious sunrise blasting through gloomy stormy clouds. 
i know this is something you all know by now but i simply cannot get enough of the seaside. That's why instead of packing up all my belongings and heading to France/England like i have been dreaming of for the past few years i instead headed to the beach to start a new and hopefully relaxing year. Maybe next year i'll find myself in Brighton, England. (We can dream, right?)

Blouses are featuring more and more on but i really cant get enough of this timeless classic. One of every shape, size and colour would be just fine with me.  The beautiful shoulder details in this Petal Shirt from Frank and Louis boutique is a current favourite of mine. In all my messy hectic week this is what's making me still feel foolishly happy. Can you blame me? 

Because i love you all so much i have teamed up with Frank and Louis boutique to give you a 15% discount off their entire store with the code "jess". You're welcome!
But do make sure you make the most of that awesome discount because there is seriously some incredibly gorgeous pieces on their site. To shop the site head

Now.... to kick back and relax. Enjoy your weekend everyone!

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