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Sunday, November 9, 2014


Dress - St Frock, Necklace - Ice Designs, Shoes - Corelli

I'm back! 
I hope you've all had a fantastic weekend. Firstly i just wanted to apologise for my absence over the past week or so, i have been moving house, across the state to the North West of Tasmania where i didnt have internet for a week. 
I  wanted to share with you the gorgeous location to where i have moved, just look at this view! 
I also wanted to show you all how beautiful this dress is. As soon as i stepped into it i felt a bit like Cinderella at the ball. I couldn't resist the urge to stand out in our highest paddock and let the wind catch it. The horses couldnt resist the urge to come say hello.  
You can shop this dress at St Frock here