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Sunday, September 7, 2014


Dress - Pilgrim, Heels - Corelli, Jewelry - Lovisa

A slightly different outfit post to normal but since spring has finally sprung i thought it was time to get into something a little more colourful. I had my standard 'trying to look glam while trying not to fall off a rock or get washed away by the tide' moment but i feel like the sea side is where this stunning dress really stands out.
The latest collection from Pilgrim has blown me away... the term 'all the colours of the rainbow' comes to mind and i LOVE it. I do feel  a shopping spree coming along.
A jam packed week full of filming, editing, blogging and a few little sneaky business ventures is keeping me very busy. 
If you're loving Pilgrim as much as me then be sure to keep an eye out on my YouTube channel over the next couple of days where i share my first style series where i chat about my favourite stores and this week is Pilgrim! If you want to check out their latest collection then you can head over to their website, trust me its very worth it!