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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Touch of Blue

Jacket - St Frock, Dress - Cooper St, Heels - Asos, Neclace - Lovisa

An unexpected warmer day permitted me to dress in something a little more leggy, although a warmer day in Tasmania still means there's snow about so baring my legs completely is just going to have to wait till the summer. I've had this dress for a week and i've been looking for a day to wear it so you know me... with the sun out, any excuse will do.
I paired this incredibly gorgeous Cooper St dress with a black blazer from St Frock, my new favourite online store. I'd say it was a simple blazer but its anything but with it's flowing front and hidden pockets, perfect and light for this specific occasion. With black leggings and heels to accompany this dress it's given the vibrant colours a chance to pop and boy did it!
And voila, a day look to compliment a statement 'going out' dress.