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Friday, April 25, 2014

Yesterday's weather was better

With all of the bad weather we have been having lately, I've noticed myself wearing a lot more black, whether it's my leather track pants, disco pants, hats, turtle necks, even my most recent addition: my Marc Jacobs hand bag, i felt as if i needed to change it up a bit. This lightweight jumper from The Shanti Butterfly was the perfect piece to break up my dull all back outfit and add a little sunshine to my otherwise grey day. I know i shouldn't be complaining about the cold weather, especially since i can now hide that couple of pounds i gained over Easter (oops), that's where a jumper will always come in handy. I love the different elements in this jumper, with the mesh in the sleeves and the sequined shoulders. I really look forward to styling this piece with more whites and autumnal tones. I can definitely see i will get a lot of wear out of this little beauty!
Have a happy long weekend everyone!

Photos by Alistair Bracken