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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

"I'll see you again soon, Summer"

Bikini top and bottoms- Palm Swimwear, Blouse - Personal Gift

As i sit on the cold  rock, tiny little shells clinging to the hard surface stinging my thighs and the icy water swirling and twirling around my feet, i watch its playful dance. The sun's peeking out from behind a dark cloud and i know that it will hide behind it again soon, before it sinks behind the rocky cliffs surrounding this beautiful beach. A larger wave crashed behind me, the white spray of arctic water hits me in the back and i'm reminded that winter is on it's way, not that i hadn't noticed the once green, then red, then orange and now brown leaves that litter the shoreline. The warmth of the disappearing sun is all that's left of the summer that just didn't seem to last quite long enough. Not even the hope of one girl, in her new pretty swimwear, could bring it back and as night begins to set in i slowly, hesitantly, lift my shivering self out of the water and made my way back up the winding path towards home, whispering quietly into the breeze 
"I'll see you again soon, Summer."

Photos by Alistair Bracken