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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

"I'll see you again soon, Summer"

Bikini top and bottoms- Palm Swimwear, Blouse - Personal Gift

As i sit on the cold  rock, tiny little shells clinging to the hard surface stinging my thighs and the icy water swirling and twirling around my feet, i watch its playful dance. The sun's peeking out from behind a dark cloud and i know that it will hide behind it again soon, before it sinks behind the rocky cliffs surrounding this beautiful beach. A larger wave crashed behind me, the white spray of arctic water hits me in the back and i'm reminded that winter is on it's way, not that i hadn't noticed the once green, then red, then orange and now brown leaves that litter the shoreline. The warmth of the disappearing sun is all that's left of the summer that just didn't seem to last quite long enough. Not even the hope of one girl, in her new pretty swimwear, could bring it back and as night begins to set in i slowly, hesitantly, lift my shivering self out of the water and made my way back up the winding path towards home, whispering quietly into the breeze 
"I'll see you again soon, Summer."

Photos by Alistair Bracken


Friday, April 25, 2014

Yesterday's weather was better

With all of the bad weather we have been having lately, I've noticed myself wearing a lot more black, whether it's my leather track pants, disco pants, hats, turtle necks, even my most recent addition: my Marc Jacobs hand bag, i felt as if i needed to change it up a bit. This lightweight jumper from The Shanti Butterfly was the perfect piece to break up my dull all back outfit and add a little sunshine to my otherwise grey day. I know i shouldn't be complaining about the cold weather, especially since i can now hide that couple of pounds i gained over Easter (oops), that's where a jumper will always come in handy. I love the different elements in this jumper, with the mesh in the sleeves and the sequined shoulders. I really look forward to styling this piece with more whites and autumnal tones. I can definitely see i will get a lot of wear out of this little beauty!
Have a happy long weekend everyone!

Photos by Alistair Bracken


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

A new take on monochrome with MINKPINK.

I'm not going to lie, monochrome is an elegant trend and i have no doubt it will return again and again throughout the seasons. But i'll be honest, i'm growing a bit tired of the black white black white black. I need a little.....oomph.
With a hint of blue through the delicate white lace, this crop was just what i needed to add a little colour back into my life, just in time for winter. With my weakness for anything nineties (turtlenecks, butterfly clips and scrunchies) it was only a matter of time before this little Minkpink number caught my eye. It's funny how things fall off the radar, only to emerge a couple of decades later. With a high neck and front zip, this crop is the perfect piece to jazz up a standard monochrome outfit.
 Who said the colder months had to be dull?

Photos by Alistair Bracken

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Add Colour

Wearing The Shanti Butterfly dress, Black Fedora hat from ThreeOfive and Verali heels.

If there's two things i can't get enough of at the moment it's hats and statement dresses.
We all know i've never been the biggest fan of maxi dresses but that was until i came across the new Autumn/Winter Collections ftom The Shanti Butterfly. With all of the stunning prints and mesh combo's you're left with your spirits soaring and quite a few new dresses ready to be purchsed in your online shopping cart.
With such a statement piece, there's no need to over-accessorise. A plain black hat, soft wavy hair  and a bold red lip strikes the perfect balance between casual and elegant. 
It is all about the contrasting after all. 

Photos by Alistair Bracken