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Thursday, February 20, 2014


Can you believe it's nearly autumn?
After finally arriving home after a long two weeks traveling all over Tasmania and Melbourne i knew i needed a bit of down time. I concluded that the best place to relax was by the ocean. I arrived to loads of rain and thunder, although found it to be more relaxing sitting out in that than in the hot sun i have been so used to over the past few months. Maybe i am looking forward to winter, just a little.
Although a cool breeze was curling around the headland it didn't phase me, as little goosebumps started appearing on my bare arms and legs. Somehow there's nothing more relaxing than dipping your feet into the cold water and letting the ends of your long Maxi drag into the icy coolness. This dress was perfect for the day. Long enough to still keep me a little warm. The new Azure Autumn collection by The Shanti Butterfly is a little like these days in the most southern part of Australia; utterly beautiful.