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Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Bright colours and summer, what is a more perfect combo. I think it's pretty obvious that i'm a bit of a sucker for bright outfits and this jumpsuit from small Hobart boutique Three O Five is no exception. As the months have been gradually warming up i find myself showing more and more leg, but i think this is where that stops, any higher and you might be seeing a little too much if ya' know what i mean!
There is nothing more satisfying than finding a piece, whether a dress, or jumpsuit that is plain enough that you can style it in any number of ways. Today i went for a more stylish Orange and Gold look, sporting a waist belt from Esther Boutique and a few gold pieces from Lovisa Jewelry. Simple, sleek and sophisticated.

If you're in Hobart town in the future i do recommend you head to Three O Five in the Centrepoint Arcade, it's such an adorable little boutique, i can't resist but to pop in every time i'm in town. In the mean time hit up their Facebook page!