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Saturday, December 7, 2013

The perfect summer dress

It's nearing the holidays once again and in Australia that means the summer months are now upon us and the sun dresses are fast making an appearance (although, as i write this i am curled up on the couch in a wooly jumper as the rain slashes against the windows. Cheers, Tasmania).
It's by far my favourite time of the year and i love the celebrate it by finding myself the perfect dress to wear on those beautiful sunny days on the beach. While traipsing through Sebachi the other day i came across this beauty and instantly fell in love. The high neck and light pleating gives it such a classic look that it's the perfect dress for a night out or a simple stroll along the sandy dunes. The floral print always seems to be a hot trend every Spring/Summer and i'm so happy to see that it'd made an appearance again this season. I've found that a floral piece is a seasonal must have and have become an essential part to my wardrobe, so finding a piece that i absolutely adore has made me one happy girl!

If you love this dress and want your own, or want to see what other summer dresses Sebachi have to offer then head to their site and have a little lookee for yourself! 
What look to you generally go for over the holiday season? Do you keep it simple or are you a little adventurous?

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