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Friday, November 1, 2013


No matter where I am lately, I cant seem to shake tiny pieces of sand from my hair or clothes. As summer slowly creeps around the corner I am finding myself at the beach increasingly more often. But hey, I’m not complaining. What’s more relaxing than chilling on a hidden beach off the northern headlands to soak up a little sun (or in my case a little too much) and unwind in natures best elements. I always find that heading out of the city and into nature to be the most stimulating things. It always seems to get the creative juices flowing and provides that much needed inspiration.
There’s one label that seems to share the connection with nature. Wish, who designed and created this Botanical dress which capture the beautiful silkiness of the ocean with the colour of the wild flowers which flood the hill sides this time of year, and earthy tones of Australia’s soil,  It’s this connection to nature that I really love about Wish and their new collection which you can find here.
Styled with some simple complimentary accessories from Lovisa- Stone effect bangles and drop earrings, this summery look was complete. This dress is such a statement piece that it really doesnt need many accessories, it simply compliments itself.