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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Flood waters

 I've fallen in love with this Lace Fit and Flare dress from Hedonia. I received it a few months ago and it has turned into my go-to dress, perfect for a night out, a lunch date with friends or a picnic down by the river and a casual stroll, which is exactly what i wore it for the other day when Alistair and i decided to head down to the flooded river by Woolmers Estate, to share our carrot, dip and ham sandwiches with the chickens that seem to reside there. The beautiful dresses of Hedonia haven't gone unnoticed as the new collections launched on their site just recently. Beautiful fabrics tailored into stunning pieces are always sure to capture my special attention so i'm confident enough to say that i may be splurging on a few new pieces in the coming weeks. (Don't tell Alistair!)