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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Walk Away

I always get so excited when i look out my sky light in the morning to see blue skies and not a hint of a cloud. It gets me out of bed and outside better and faster than any alarm could. Yesterday was a lazy Sunday for most people, I'm sure, but for Alistair and i (much to his disappointment) we were running all about the place, cooking, cleaning, going to the gym and going for walks along the river front. On days like this where comfort seems like the more viable option, baggy pants and a billowing top with extra wide sleeves seemed like the best way to go. The revival of the printed pant trend has got me excited, and this pair from the new MINKPINK swimwear collection seem perfect. Perfect for a spring day when the air is still chilly but the sun is shining a little bit warmer and my face has a summer dewiness to it. 
Today i'm off to the south coast on a little surf trip so expect a few sandy stories when i return in a couple of days. But for now, have a lovely Monday.