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Friday, September 6, 2013

Hello, Spring?


Now that spring has officially sprung I cant help but find myself in some kind of bright and colorful dress, on one of Tasmania's loveliest beach side towns, Coles Bay. I love when the summery aroma that's beginning to fill the air, the evenings becoming warmer and how the trees all come into blossom. 
I've always felt that blue is a colour that doesn't really fit that well on me, but when I saw this dress in the window of Vashti Boutique I wanted to try it on straight away. I knew then that I just had to give blue a second chance, and hey, a multi-toned blue with added violet, mint, purple and orange might well be do-able for me, what do you think? 
This dress is all about the colour, with the added bonus of cutouts. You know I cant turn away from a cutout dress! This one is fabulous it its one of those 'wear it to any occasion' dresses. Whether its a casual trip to the beach or on a night out, this little number is sure to catch a few eyes.
Now that it's finally legs out season I doubt you will see me in a pair of trousers until next April at least. Maybe I should think about getting a tan before I scare away more Tassie tourists with my too-white pins.
It really is almost starting to feel a bit like summer.