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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Winter Wonderland

OH HEY SNOW WHITE, HOWS IT GOING? A beautiful dress and a beautiful view, just like a fairy tale. 
 That was all that was on my mind yesterday when Alistair and I went up to the snow (a first for me!). Now pale dresses don't usually look great on me so when i had the opportunity to surround myself with copious amounts of blindingly white snow to even out the stark tones of pale skin under a pale dress (which i have been battling with my entire life, i went for it. And while succeeding in looking a little tanner than usual, i did begin to freeze my butt off.
I think the locals noticed too. Oh how they stared! I began to feel like a runaway from the circus. I guess people around here aren't used to seeing a girl in a pretty dress in the middle of winter.
When i received this dress from Hedonia i knew that it would be perfect for a trip up the mountain, with a good pair of waterproof boots and a big jacket in an attempt to create a more winter appropriate look. I have to admit i don't often order from international stores as i love supporting local Australian fashion but while browsing a few online stores this beaut caught my eye and i knew that it just wanted to be a part of my wardrobe. My first ivory dress. I think i can pull it off...right?