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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Girls just want to be fabulous

Sometimes there is nothing more glamorous than taking a stroll down the boulevard in an elegant dress with a fabulous handbag and a sausage dog, watching the heads in the lines of restaurants turn as you pass, "howdy ma'am"ing you as you turn in their direction and give them a small half smile.....

Well we can all dream cant we?

This was a standard Jess moment the other day when i headed down to the waterfront, hoping a scene from said earlier scenario played out. Instead i was met with gale force winds, wet outdoor tables and empty restaurants. And while i may have been missing the sausage dog i still had that fabulous dress.
So... Where from you ask? One of my all time favourite online stores-She's  Electric. But i warn you, before you click on the link and browse the store do get your boyfriends a-ok first because let me tell you now, you will want more than one of those fabulous dresses for yourself!