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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Cool and comfy

Photography by Alistair Bracken

It's not too often that i get the chance to head to the beach and just chill, listening to the waves roll in, to just relax and forget about everything that's troubling me. I am lucky enough, however, to have a river through the city. No where near as good as a beach but a valid substitute.
It's funny, i always get told that i dress a little too well for the area that i live in. Despite the wardrobe full of lovely dresses and beautiful jackets i do sometimes like to dress a little more casual. I'm not genuinely a 'pants person' and go through the winter months wearing dresses and shorts, not wanting to let go of summer. Lately though, i have given jeans a go and i have to say... i don't know what i was thinking! I have never been more comfy in anything (besides my pajama pants). In fact, jeans are my new favourite thing. 
I may not have the sea and sand to relax with but a slouchy top, jeans and a beanie are certainly doing it for me.