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Friday, June 14, 2013

Winter Warmers


After months on end of constant work, stress and planning, Alistair and i finally had a break in our busy schedules so we decided do head back up to the north coast to visit the families and do a bit of sight seeing. As I'm not from Tasmania i haven't really been aware of some of the magnificent places that this state has to offer- Goat island for example, and wow...what a location.
Now this article isn't on the island, as beautiful as it was, but about the perfect winter look and the clothes that if i could, i would wear every single day. Ok so if you recall me saying in one of my older posts, i don't really own any warm clothes so when the opportunity arose to get this knit from Elm Knitwear i jumped at it, and boy am i glad i did. This knit is so comfortable and light yet kept me warm in the icy chill of the coastal weather.  I'm also wearing jeans from ResDenim which i feel like i have worn to death these past few months, they are honestly the best jeans i have ever worn and by far the most comfortable. 
Winter in Tasmania can get pretty icy so a few basic pieces like these  to keep you warm are essential for when the weather is a bit dull.