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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Urban Jungle

Photography by Alistair Bracken

Walking through the back streets of Launceston town, in a skirt and sleeveless top isn't quite the most subtle way to go. As i strolled past a busy little cafe i noticed not just one older lady turn and look in my direction, tap their husband and point, but what seemed like the whole cafe. Ok so we are in the middle of winter but if you cant feel the cold then what of it (whats that saying, no brain no pain?).
As i had a bit of spare time today i popped into a local clothing store called Justin Paul to see the new AW collection: cashmere and leather from the local designer Bridie Larby from The Enchanted Life.
I could have spent the whole day looking and trying on all the gorgeous pieces. The collection was so sexy, elegant and modern at the same time. The material is great as well, so comfortable and soft. I loved the shape and structure of the pieces and the pure quality that hung on the racks in front of me, they seemed perfect for the winter ahead. I really did want to take them all home with me. You can shop the collection over at The Enchanted Life.
Ok, I'll stop raving about the collection and finally get back to my outfit. The one piece that really caught my eye though, was this leather peplum which, as mentioned earlier, seemed quite the controversial outfit choice on a day as cold as this. Still, i loved wearing it and it felt like the perfect match for this simple monochrome skirt with leatherette trimmings.
The look was completed with a simple collar necklace in copper, adding a little shine to the outfit.