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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Soaking in the Rays

With a forecast for Australia's southern states being cold wet and gloomy for the next few months, some warmer clothing is a definite must have (even if some of us aren't quite ready to accept this). In my time in Tasmania i have noticed that as soon as winter comes around people generally stay indoors, forget going for that run and opt for a mug of cocoa and that pack of chocolate cookies (as i find myself doing as i write this, thanks TimTam), so yesterday when the sun came out, so did the people. Alistair and i took the opportunity to go for a long stroll around the local port.
   For the 'occasion' i chose a simple woolen jumper with a large neck and bold accents along with black disco pants for a casual/street style look with small bursts of colour. In a lovely location such as this, with so much happening around us, i decided to go for a fairly minimalist outfit, to contrast with the surroundings.
   What i really love about this jumper (which i got from the kind ladies at Elm Knitwear) is the fact that i can wear it on a slightly warmer day, sleeves rolled up, or even in the blistering winds, as it is such a warm piece of clothing. Its a current favorite of mine and i'm sure it will make an appearance again throughout the winter.