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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Through all the wind and rain

Determination is running a race with a broken toe, saving a drowning dog even though you cant swim, cooking a full meal after being told you cant cook... even standing in the pouring rain to do a blog post.
Today i watched Zoe's (Zoella) latest video on youtube and it hit a little close to home for me. I have always been a shy person, never joined groups, never went to parties, never tried anything new. I always let me fear for things decide what i would and wouldnt do. This morning i decided that had to change.
After almost drowning as a young child i have been terrified of water and never wanted to go in an ocean or pool. Well, this week i am getting surf lessons and i am conquering my fear of water.
Normally i wouldnt go out in the rain for anything in fear of catching a cold or getting wet and looking stupid, so i decided to go out and snap a few photos for the blog in the storm that has been hovering over my town all day.
Being out of my comfort zone is something very new to me, but with the new found motivation i have gained from the lovely Zoe i am going to give it a go and start saying yes...starting with this surf lesson (i'll let you know how that one goes.).

Dressing for success 
I find that confidence and determination go hand in hand, and the easiest way to feel confident is to dress in something you love, like this play suit from Inbetween Tangerine. It's a little bit cute and a little bit naughty! I think i might have to buy this little number in every colour. I absolutely love it, and this simple brown plaited belt goes so well with it. 
Rain or sun, it's perfect for Autumn, dont you think?