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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Promised Land

One thing i love about fashion is the freedom of choice, the endless possibilities and the joy it gives a person. There are no rules, you can wear whatever you like... some just choose to be more careful in styling an outfit than others. Like any girl, i have gone through the stages of hippie, goth, a little daring even and now that i have finally found my personal style i find shopping for clothes and dressing up everyday so joyous. I like to be creative and try new things- it's not supposed to be a chore after all! 
I thought the print of this T-shirt dress was stunning. It reminded me of some interiors of Arabic or Indian buildings. Accessorizing this outfit wasn't a necessity as it was such a stand out piece, so a fairly dull necklace that shared the same colours as the dress was enough to complete the look. Since autumn is well and truly here, leggings were definitely needed, but for you ladies in a warmer country bare legged would look amazing!