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Sunday, May 19, 2013

One fine day

With high hopes of a warm, rain free day and a wad of money our pockets, Alistair and i headed out to a little village nearby called Evandale to traipse aimlessly through their weekly market. With not much else but food in mind i made a bee-line to every stall i could smell an aroma of something fried, sweet or baked. Luckily for my hips and rear end the market didn't have a lot of food to offer but it didn't stop us from having a wild time- ok wild is a bit of an exaggeration, but there was plenty to keep us occupied. One thing i love about this time of year is heading to a gathering (a market  if you will) and seeing people of all shapes and sizes, a coffee in their hand, a scarf around their neck and they are all huddled together, keeping warm and chatting. Now, i'm not so much of a people person so i prefer to stand back and watch the others getting all close and what-not (in a completely non-stalker sense). The atmosphere and vibe is just... friendly for want of a better word.


After leaving the market we spent the rest of the morning drinking hot chocolates and eating way overpriced quiches from the only bakery in town (although its cheesy  bacony goodness almost made it worth the pretty penny), strolling through parks and kicking fallen leaves around.
This outfit is proof that i have finally stopped holding onto summer (although we can still dream, right?) and let Autumn talk the reigns. Out of all the items currently residing in my wardrobe this jacket is by far my favourite, one that is been gathering dust over the past year as its always been a little too small. 12 months and a few pounds later (maybe i shouldn't have had that muffin- oops!) this bad boy is finally seeing the light of day. Paired with a simple black and white skirt and black heels, this monochrome outfit is a perfect contrast to all of those falling orange leaves. I've come to realize that there are two items that are always with me, whether perched on top of my head or hanging from my arm these two ASOS pieces are a definite autumn staple for this girl's wardrobe.

Photography by Alistair Bracken ©