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Monday, May 6, 2013

I'm gonna kick off my shoes and run in bare feet...

Goodbye city, I'm country bound...
As the days become shorter and the nights grow colder i have found myself grasping on the remnants of summer. Taking afternoons off to go to the country, wearing that summer dress and kicking about in the water seems to be my new favourite hobby, one i know isn't going to last very long. The picnics by the water have turned into rugging oneself up in the picnic blanket to keep warm, stuffing down all the food and making a dash back across the fields to the car before the sun goes down. Still, it's a little something that reminds me of the summer just gone, and i'm sure i will continue these trips to the country, undeterred by the crisp frosty glass, throughout the winter.

This dress is one i'm not quite ready to put away.  So much so, i'm on the hunt for the perfect blouse to wear under it for the colder days ahead... i really cant be stopped!
The bold print of this dress makes it such a statement piece it really doesn't need a lot to complete an outfit. I styled it with some cute little socks and a bowler hat.  The jacket to the side is a little bit of a secret... one that you will see a little more down the track. It was my first ASOS buy and i absolutely adore it. Perfect for winter! So keep a little eye out for a post featuring it in the near future.