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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Into the elements

A holidays is not a holiday without a luxurious hotel, wonderful shopping and a little bit of sight seeing. Last weekend Alistair and i decided to take some time off life and head to Hobart. Not so much for the shopping or the many, many quaint cafes and cups of coffee (although i have to say, many were had!) but to slow down a bit and have a break from the busy lives we lead back in Launceston. We took a long drive out to the Huon Valley, brought fresh apples from stalls on the side of the road and as we munched away at the crisp flesh of a red delicious we laughed and made exciting plans for the near future. (moving interstate perhaps?)

The landscapes were spectacular, although not the best day to stand out in the weather to enjoy the views. The wind and rain were a bit of a dampener but luckily i had the perfect outfit to battle the elements. A dress from a Tasmanian store- now that's the best way to go as they already know that Tasmania this time of the year is going to be colder than cold. This knitted beauty kept me so warm i felt as if i were in bed with a blanket. Now i'm not the biggest fan on knit dresses but this one, paired with this gorgeous geometric necklace seemed quite the elegant winter outfit.