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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Wash my blues away

I feel the icy sting as the water runs through my toes and around my ankles, making its way downstream. A thrilling sensation, both horrible and amazing  at the same time. The rocks beneath my feet tremble as a take a step closer to the middle of the river, sending dirt swirling through the now-not-so-clear water. As the sun beams through the parting clouds for the last time that evening i soak up its warmth, before a cool evening breeze escapes the rustling leaves of the surrounding trees and brushes past me. A shiver runs over me and little goosebumps appear on my skin. Unfazed, i take a seat on a submerged rock and let the water envelope my body. Water so cold that i feel as if i were laying on a million tiny pins, and, laying back onto a bed of rocks i watch the sunset light up the sky in a sea of red and pink...         
                                                                                  .....letting the river wash my blues away.

For a frolic in the country and a dip in the river i opted for a summer dress (make the most of the sun, eh?). A dress as pretty as this one doesnt need any accessories. it speaks for itself dont you think?

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