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Monday, April 1, 2013

Standing on the edge of the world OOTD

I always forget just how beautiful Tasmania is. With the busy markets, the tall buildings and the hustle bussle of people i dont often stop and take a look at the glorious crafts and produce, the beautiful, awe-inspiring architecture and the magnificent views that lay around me. I do live in one of the most beautiful places i have ever known. 

Standing on the warf down at Hobart i felt as if i was standing on the edge of the world, knowing that so much sea stood before me, separating me from the rest of civilisation. A serene feeling, yet so calming. Maybe this is the spot that i will visit when everything gets a bit too stressful.

An old lady came up to me while shooting this photo, purple umbrella over her head, just to tell me that i was the "loveliest looking girl I've seen all day". I dont often get compliments. That tiny little lady made me smile for the rest of the day. If by chance you are reading this, lovely lady, thank you.
The outfit was 60's inspired with this incredible dress from Vashti Boutique and small beehive hairdo. The dress was paired with a stunning and very bold necklace which is also from Vashti. I jingled when i walked and felt a million dollars.


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