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Monday, April 8, 2013

Like a virgin || OOTD

As the days start getting colder i find myself searching the racks in clothing stores for something a little warmer that i might be able to add to my wardrobe. When searching the local surf shop, Red Herring, i came across a pair of black waxed denim jeans that caught my attention. Normally when seeing a pair of jeans i automatically dismiss them- i hate wearing denim, cant stand how uncomfortable they are or the way they make my body look. However, I picked the black pair of jeans up and took them to the dressing rooms to try on. 

Boy was i shocked.
The brand of these jeans is ResDenim and they are the most comfortable jeans i have ever worn, but they're not just comfortable, oh no... they are also flattering, trendy and give my bum the nicest shape i've seen any jean give. I was so impressed i bought them, my first pair of jeans.

After being strangely surprised at how much i fell in love with these jeans, i decided to give other forms of denim a go and pulled this old denim cut off jacket out of the bottom of my wardrobe. Styled with a plain white singlet and some high heel boots this look was complete, giving me a look i wouldn't normally go for, although i do have to admit.... i didn't mind it at all.


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