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Friday, April 5, 2013

In a rose garden, sipping on some tea

A tea dress, not the perfect dress from a blustery day. As i walked town the main street of Oatlands, in Tasmanias midlands, i had to hold down my dress, and my honour, as the breeze danced around my legs, trying to parachute the fabric. 
I love a historic village, with the old shops transformed into little tea rooms and gift shops, and the old rose gardens that surround perfectly manicured lawns, so when we drove through this little town i had to get out and have a look around. 


The days attire was more a comfort choice, as i was to be sitting in a car for long hours on our drive to the south of the state. A heavy tea dress with a light floral print paired with a blouse seemed the right choice. Simple, warm, and comfortable. I always think a dress/blouse combo looks so much more elegant with a beehive, big or small. 
As i travel a bit more around the state i am beginning to discover what a beautiful place it really is. 

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