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Sunday, April 14, 2013

From the country to the sea

Fancy a dip? 
Fish and chips in hand and a spring in our step Alistair and i traipsed down the sandy lawns to the beach to enjoy my favourite form of take away. The rich smell of the thickly battered fish and slightly over cooked but delightfully crispy chips brought along a large flock of seagulls who fought around us, waiting for a catch.
The beach has always been one of my favourite places to go to when i needed a break. The sound of the water lapping the shore and the screech of the seagulls overhead was always so peaceful. An excuse to show off your legs in a bright dress and dip your feet into the rock pools. 


Where i like to call home
As much as i love the coast line i have to admit that i am and always will be a country girl. There is nothing i enjoy more than heading back to the farm to see my family and meet all the new baby animals. I am lucky enough to live (my second home) on a huge dairy farm in the beautiful hills of Tasmania where the views are just incredible. 
As incredible as the country lifestyle is i cant say a lot for its fashion, where jeans, a flanny and gumboots are a regular trend, so whenever i go home wearing a $200 dress and heels i feel a bit out of place. No matter though, right? My nicer outfit isnt going to stop me running around the paddocks being chased by hungry calves or jumping off large bales of hay...
But at the end of the daywhether by the sea or in the foot hills of beautiful mountain ranges, it's these places that i like to call home.

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