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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Standing out in a crowd featuring Vashti Boutique

The smell of freshly brewed coffee and hot cinnamon donuts filled my nostrils as i walked into Salamanca market on Hobart's waterfront  Stalls were still setting up, laying their fresh produce out in boxes on the grass. A few old men in poly-fleece jumpers and track pants look in my direction and grumble to each other, foggy breaths escape their mouths in low conversation, but loud enough for me to hear. "Fancy dressing up like that this early in the morning, she'll bloody freeze in that." 
It seems everyone has dressed for the forecasted day ahead. 21 Degrees and rain. I see coats and jackets of all sorts.
Me? Im in a colourful Muui dress from Vashti Boutique and not feeling the cold one bit. 
As the morning wore on the market began to fill and i started to experience the true atmosphere that gave Salamanca the raving reviews that i had heard so much. The rain didn't deter people, especially not me as i enjoyed some of the fluffy sweetness from the fairy floss stall (even though it didn't last long in the rain).


I styled the dress with a pair of plain black leggings, and a belt to give it a bit of definition and shape. The whole look was topped off with a bright necklace from Sportsgirl. 
It seems every dress i have from Vashti Boutique i have  fallen in love with and this one is no exception. The bright colours and elaborate print make this dress a staple for any girls wardrobe and perfect for Autumn, dont you think?

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