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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Escape to the country

I think i have discovered 2 new favourite things. A favourite dress shop and a favourite spot to go for a quiet picnic. Lately i've been going to town for a bit of wandering with no real aim in mind and i always find myself in this one shop. Every. Single. Time. It's called Vashti Boutique and i'm absolutely in love with it. It's this tiny little shop with dresses lining the walls. Seriously, everywhere you look there are dresses and it's doing my head in that i cant own all of them. So, instead i go in there, admire them all, chat to the lovely sales assistant and every now and then spend a few dollars. My bank account is now crying and my debit card is bent from the number of times it has been rammed into the machine (ooh naughty!).  This is just one of the dresses i have purchased from this little store. A sweet, sporty dress that seemed perfect for a balmy summer afternoon in the country. This is where the perfect picnic pot comes into play. Alistair took me here a few months ago with fish and chips and a bag of sweets and we just sat there feeding the chickens and swatting flies, so, when we needed a quiet spot to take some crackers and dip the other night this is the first place i thought of. Let me just say all the little chickens have grown up but are still a fan of being thrown food. We went for a stroll along a windy road, picked blackberries and watched the river flow by.
Such a relaxing spot and a relaxing night. 
Tomorrow i'm heading into town bright and early to the massive sales my town are holding. I plan on waiting out the front of Vashti till they open and get my hands on a few new dresses. 

There's nothing more relaxing than escaping to the country...
Just for a few hours. Walk barefoot along the warm tarmac, picking wild berries, watching as sheep run through a dusty paddock. 

There's just some kind of serenity to it.