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Thursday, January 17, 2013

She lay in the dappled sunlight that shone through the leaves of the big oak tree

Its not too often that i get to spend a lovely day out with the boyfriend so when he suggested a picnic in the park and a day of lounging on mattresses in bed stores seeking out a new for the soon to be 'current residence' (i say lounging, but it was more bouncing, springy foam is way too much fun), i couldn't say no. 
We sat in the part for what felt like a whole day, soaking up the sunshine and laughing at all the silly things children were doing when they ran away from their families. One little girl ran up to us, wanting our food, until her mother came over and dragged her away. 
We drank divine hot chocolates (the best i will probably ever have) and enjoyed a bit of casual chit chat, tickle fights and a few cheeky snogs, aww. 
It was such a lovely day and i'm already looking forward to our next adventure.