Is it just me or has spring sprung a little earlier this year?
Ok, ok, i might be getting a little ahead of myself here but i did jump for joy when i saw a few tree's blossoming on my morning run yesterday.
Long time lover of Aussie label The Shanti Butterfly right here. If you could see me you'd see my hand raised in the air... doesn't really work for the written word does it. Oh well, lets carry on.
 This season they have created the most stunning collection of Spring dresses with some of the loveliest prints ever (i just wish i owned more!). You can check out their newest collection online now and grab yourself an item or two..
                                             ...or five.

Shop now at (where i'll be for the next couple of hours)

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Denim jeans are awesome for those days when you're too tired or lazy to put an outfit together. They always look good paired with (almost) anything and they're comfy as hell! If you've seen my latest couple of posts you'll notice that i can't seem to take these bad boys off, and to be honest, i don't really want to! Add a simple striped top like this or dress it up with something a little more fancy. 
Either way, denim jeans are the way of my future, how about yours?



Can never have enough coats.You can layer anything under them any day of the week. Highly reccommend you check out the range of coats at St Frock, so so many beauties that want to come home with me.  It's no secret i'm obsessed. There's no such thing as too many coats.
You could say the same for denim jeans. These bad boys by ResDenim are top of the list of all time favourite things to put on my legs. They can do no wrong! Seriously, i never want to take them off.
I'm on the long coats and denim forever plan (well, maybe just until the end of winter).
Happy Saturday!


Day to Night with #MyVegasStyle

For quite a few years now i've been wanting to travel around the world, hitting some big iconic places, Vegas being one of those places. All those big signs, lights and oh man... the american culture!
So when the amazing team at contacted me and asked me to be part of their #MyVegasStyle challenge and create a perfect day to night outfit ensemble i was so quick to accept as i had already given my attire some thought. Well it might happen one day, right? Best to be prepared.
The first outfit is a perfect day choice, a fairly monochrome look with this Cameo dress being the main feature- which it deserves, i mean look at it, it's gorgeous! I put this outfit together with Lunch in the Lemongrass Restaurant at the Aria Resort in mind, very elegant but still a little casual. Sunglasses and a hat are essential for the long walks in the sun after lunch.
 Look at me... i'm daydreaming as i write this, planning my own day in Vegas. If only.
As the day turns into night a dress change is needed. Something fiery and red like this bomb of a dress from Self Portrait, Something to set you apart from everyone else at Javier's for dinner and after...enjoying a cocktail at Haze Nightclub. As you can see the essentials are the same, keeping the Valentino heels and Phillip Lim bag throughout the day. After all, why change whats already perfect. With a little bit of bling this outfit is complete. 
Who's ready for a day out at Aria Resort Vegas? Now i am!
If you're interested in heading to Vegas and want to find out more/plan your trip then head to

Country Road

After a monster of a weekend i am so tired i'm drinking cup after cup of coffee in the hope that i dont fall asleep while i write this. Waking up with qwerty on my forehead isnt exactly a high priority on my list of things to do. 
Tiredness aside i can easily say i've had the best weekend in a long time, spending it with my family, road tripping up the central lakes on Tasmania. Although i spent my days roughing it, i didn't pack for it, bringing with me all of my favourite MinkPink pieces. Dressing for the country was never my strong point.
I just can't help myself.