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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

What I Ate Today: Travel Edition

You all know i'm a massive foodie freak. I instagram (im_jessica_emily) and snapchat (jessieemilyb if you want to follow me) everything i eat and am always spending hours on youtube watching other people's 'What I ate Today". So while i was in Melbourne, traveling between cities, catching planes and  trains i thought i would document to you all what i ate.

Now as you might have guessed if you follow me on any social media platform i am a sucker for something sweet or unhealthy so I'm not going to show you the best way to lose 15 pounds, how to get fit or get a bikini body. Instead i will show you what i eat while I'm running across the city, what was conveniently there while tying just a little to be a teeny bit health conscious.

I hope you enjoy.


Sunday, January 31, 2016

The Ultimate Smokey Eye Tutorial

Happy Monday!

I know getting out of bed on a Monday morning can be harder than dancing the Rumba in 3 inch heels and the snooze button on your clock is wearing down from the hundreds of times you've pressed it. I know this is the case for me.
So when i'm running late for an event and really don't have time to go to any real effort with my makeup i go to this look. It's the Ultimate super quick and easy smokey eye which you can rock on it's own or with a full face of makeup and bold lip along side it. 
It's an awesome look to smash out when i just don't have time or can't be bothered, and i've been doing it for the last 4 years. So instead of keeping this secret to myself i decided to share it with you all in this incredible short video tutorial.
I really hope you enjoy watching, if you do i would LOVE it if you liked the video and subscribed and i will be sure to do more of these videos. 


Monday, January 11, 2016

Summer Tan


What i'm wearing:

This outfit was a bit of a reaction to the warm summery weather that we have finally been having down here on the north coast of Tasmania. 
An item i don't normally wear because i feel i look too 'masculine' in anything tight, this bodysuit was actually a gift from Alistair who saw me eyeing it off (imagining a day i could one day wear it, many 16 week weightloss challenges later). He just bought it for me. 
Anyway, long boring story short, I'm wearing it. I think my boobs hang out just a little too much so maybe i'll wear a jacket next time, i don't know. 
Paired with a white pair of jeans that i would later have paw prints from happy puppies up the legs, my fave Emu Australia heels and a hat. Can't go getting sunburnt AGAIN after all.

Note: With the appearance of the 'summer freckles' that appear every year i am finally happy to boast a tan. Yes, that IS a tan.
Happy Tuesday!

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