White on White

One of the greatest things about spring is the sunshine. Getting out the lighter clothing and being a little more adventurous with outfits.
This is a slightly different outfit post to normal. White on white is always a look that i admired but only from afar as i never ever thought it would suit my incredibly pale tone. 
Until today. These wide legged trousers and beautifully light white blouse were worn with a touch of red and black, just  to ensure i was actually visible.

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Dress- Choies, Heels - Corelli, Hat - ThreeOfive

Taking it easy back on the north coast last week, breathing the clean, fresh air and soaking up the sun in this monochromatic piece. It's clearly time to put away those trousers and let the skin see some light again (or in my case, create light as i am so damn pale.) I feel as if my pale complexion only enhances the beauty of this dress, adding more white to the monochrome look. Not many accessories needed, except a hat to shade from the sun, this dress speaks for itself.

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Dress - Pilgrim, Heels - Corelli, Jewelry - Lovisa

A slightly different outfit post to normal but since spring has finally sprung i thought it was time to get into something a little more colourful. I had my standard 'trying to look glam while trying not to fall off a rock or get washed away by the tide' moment but i feel like the sea side is where this stunning dress really stands out.
The latest collection from Pilgrim has blown me away... the term 'all the colours of the rainbow' comes to mind and i LOVE it. I do feel  a shopping spree coming along.
A jam packed week full of filming, editing, blogging and a few little sneaky business ventures is keeping me very busy. 
If you're loving Pilgrim as much as me then be sure to keep an eye out on my YouTube channel over the next couple of days where i share my first style series where i chat about my favourite stores and this week is Pilgrim! If you want to check out their latest collection then you can head over to their website, trust me its very worth it!

The Tailored Pant

Pants - St Frock, Top - ThreeOfive, Heels - Asos, Necklace - Ice Design

In the sweetest pants from St Frock this week! You all know my addiction with printed pants lately, that can't be helped, so naturally when i saw these bad boys, i had to have them. Rolled up the legs for a cute touch and paired with a little more white and navy because, lets be honest, you can never have too much of these two. 
In other news, I've had a hair cut. Still not too sure if it suits but hey-ho that's life.



Dress- Ice Design, Hat - ThreeOfive, Neckace - Pretty Little Bird, Heels - Corelli

There are so many different versions of the 'Little Black Dress'. 
This is mine.
Wearing a sweet little dress (and by little i mean short) that i picked up online at Ice Designs. A light, flowing dress that'll make you wish you were living back in the late 60's.
Appropriately paired with a black floppy hat, a little flower power and a bold red lip.