Not the most colourful way to bring in the Spring, but two shades that i find myself steering more and more towards, and ones that don't mind if you shoot in black and white. 

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How to nail 'Smart Casual'

Because we all want to be comfortable and stylish at the same time, right?

Wearing Cotton On Jacket, Vera Wang boots (very well worn), Res Denim Jeans, Cotton on Scarf and Rimmel Kate Moss Lippy in 10

I never understood the term 'Smart Casual' until one day not so long ago when i found myself dressing exactly that way. In my line of work 'Cafe Owner/Barista' it's important to look smart but still feel incredibly comfortable in what I'm wearing and I'm assuming thats the case for 90% of you guys and gals reading this, right?

I'm not one to give certain trends or looks a name, so really, it's whatever you make of it. It's entirely down to how you intemperate those words and what you see as 'smart' and what you see as 'casual'. 
A nice blouse and boyfriend jeans? Pencil Skirt and tee? 

For me, this is it. 
Comfy tee, fitted black jeans, heeled boots and a statement jacket. Something i would wear to work or on a day off. 
Very 'Smart Casual', don't ya think?

Surviving winter

Hi Guys!

I hope you are all having a beautiful Wednesday.
Firstly i wanted to apologise for my absence here. It's been a few weeks since I've done a new post so I just wanted to take a few minutes to write a quick post just to let you all know where i have been and what my sorry excuse is for lack of posts.
As you all know i opened a cafe with my mother, now named The Fox Hole Cafe and Providore, this little place has taken up all of my spare time- and i mean all of it. Actually, as i sit writing this i am lying in bed, sniffling and coughing up a storm (mmm charming) as i am so sick that we couldn't open the cafe today so where that is not so fabulous for you, it means i have a second to write this before falling asleep.

On the few days i have had off from working the coffee machine,however, i managed to get a couple of short trips in firstly to the East coast and then to the snow since we have had a massive falling of snow over the past few weeks.
I have inserted my latest vlog of the East Coast where we discuss hiring Justin Timberlake to be MC at our wedding (strange...) so you can have a peek into my not-so-private life. I'll  be editing another blog today so make sure you head over to my channel to subscribe to keep updated with videos.

Anyway, I'm heading down to hobart this weekend as it's my 24th birthday (i can't believe I'm that old!) so i'll be shooting a few looks for some style posts so don't be too sad, everything will return to normal soon, promise!

I hope your week continues to shine bright.
Love you all.

A Change.

Dress - Quirky Circus by Mink Pink, Scarf- Cotton On, Hat - ThreeOfive, Belt - Pilgrim, Socks - Cotton On, Boots - Vera Wang (similar here)

If you've all been wondering where i've been over the past few weeks, the answer is here. Right here in my own little cafe. Thats right, all my own. My mother and i decided to take life in our own hands and do something exciting, so we opened a cafe. The Fox Hole Cafe and Providore in one of Tasmania's most popular country tourist towns. Every day i make coffee's and fresh cakes and pastries for people to enjoy while relaxing in this cosy little den. It's been a hard few weeks but it's an huge experience and i am treasuring every moment.
One of the best things about owning your own cafe? Wearing whatever i like. So a dress like this adorable quirky circus number is now a casual look for me. Dressed up with a few accessories and some long socks to keep my pale pegs warm in the Tasmanian winter when a wood fire isn't enough to keep the frost at bay.
Here's to trying new things, taking risks and living every opportunity that life sends your way.
Oh, and if you're ever in Sheffield, do stop by and say hello. I'd love to see you!

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A/W Street Style with Cotton On

Coat - Cotton on, Jeans - Cotton On, Scarf - Cotton on, Tee - Cotton On, Hat - Masque Boutique, Boots - Vera Wang/Harris Scarf (similar here)

Firstly i want to apologize for my lack of posts lately, everything will be explained in my next blog post. But if you cant wait that long, head over to my YouTube channel where you can watch my latest vlog all about my current ventures.
Anyway... back to fashion. I've recently wandered into my local Cotton On store and loved 70% of what i've seen. This is rare for me, to love a great deal of a current seasons range. I found myself in the change rooms with clothes stacked high. I was ready to be disappointed. I'll be honest here and say i'll almost always love a piece of clothing on the rack but hate it as soon as i try it on. This wasn't the case. Not even in the slightest.
Well done Cotton On, you have bought out some pieces which are actually flattering to my body type- Curvy and tall-ish. This look is my new go-to when i head outdoors and need a break from that blistery Tasmanian wind.
If i would criticize at all on any part of the new collection at Cotton On, it would be that the jeans (the High Rise 7/8) stretch a fair bit and do loose their shape a little so if you're heading into a store any time soon perhaps buy the size smaller because they will give. I'll be giving these bad boys a hot wash to shrink a little so i'm not always pulling them up and looking like a massive dag.

I hope you are all enjoying any new sneaky purchases you've bought recently. Whats you're favourite this month? Comment below and share what you have been loving this May, i'd love to hear!
Happy Tuesday!


Gone with the Wind

I hope you all had an incredible Easter break and did eat the entirety of your chocolate stash, like myself. (my waist line will be feeling that one very soon!)
As the summer weather draws to an end and autumn starts to poke her head around the tree which has started to fade from green to yellow to orange i find myself wandering more and more along the beaches around where i live, grateful for the close proximity to such a beautiful place. Not wanting to let go of the sunshine quite yet i've taken to the long maxi's again. Long enough to keep my legs warm while still trying to get a little tan. This stunner of a piece is from Her Fashion Box which i have been absolutely lusting over for the past few months. I do suggest you look into it too, if you love a little surprise in your post box every month. If i didn tmove around so often i would subscribe in a second, let me tell you now!

In other news i have been spending all of my time and energy into a huge project which i cant wait to share with you all in the next week or so. Remember you can stay updated through my social media, links will be below. (plus you can also catch me on snapchat these days with the username jessieemilyb)


My new style obsession: The White Blouse

There's nothing i like more than waking up before the sun and strolling along the beach at low tide, and watching the glorious sunrise blasting through gloomy stormy clouds. 
i know this is something you all know by now but i simply cannot get enough of the seaside. That's why instead of packing up all my belongings and heading to France/England like i have been dreaming of for the past few years i instead headed to the beach to start a new and hopefully relaxing year. Maybe next year i'll find myself in Brighton, England. (We can dream, right?)

Blouses are featuring more and more on but i really cant get enough of this timeless classic. One of every shape, size and colour would be just fine with me.  The beautiful shoulder details in this Petal Shirt from Frank and Louis boutique is a current favourite of mine. In all my messy hectic week this is what's making me still feel foolishly happy. Can you blame me? 

Because i love you all so much i have teamed up with Frank and Louis boutique to give you a 15% discount off their entire store with the code "jess". You're welcome!
But do make sure you make the most of that awesome discount because there is seriously some incredibly gorgeous pieces on their site. To shop the site head

Now.... to kick back and relax. Enjoy your weekend everyone!

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