Nothing says summer more than a light weight dress and there's no better way to spend a warm sunny day than at the beach, overlooking the city. 
I have a bit of a penchant for maxi's this spring so this cute little item was a no-brainier. Styled with just the bare minimum, and a bikini underneath to take this party to the water.

Jessica Emily x Youtube

This may be new news, it may be old news but i thought i would share it with you anyway.
Over the past year-ish i had been trying my hand at YouTube, creating a few videos here and there of LookBooks, Make up and style tutorials, 'Get ready with me' videos, hauls and even monthly favourites videos. I started it for a bit of fun and here i am, over  year later, still really enjoying filming and editing these videos. Lately i started filming 'Vlogs' which are a day to day video where i share with you what i do during my day or my weeks. This is something that i have discovered i actually love doing and i cant wait to start sharing them with you all. 
In the past few month i have started taking YouTube and video making a little more seriously and now plan to upload a new video once or twice a week. 
I would love to hear all of your thoughts and reccommendations for furure videos, i'd really like to hear what style of videos you enjoy most. 
Here are a few videos which i have uploaded recently and a few links if you'd like to head over and subscribe (which would earn you a big cyber hug from me.)
Anyway, i hope you enjoy these videos and i look forward to hearing your thoughts!

And as always you call follow my escapades on any of my social media platforms.
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Summer Essentials

There are a few things i cant tackle the warmer months without: Ice cream, playsuits and a flawless tan. I'm going to be honest here, i can never hold a natural tan for more than a day or two, instead i freckle. Man, you should see my shoulders, it's like all the freckles have merged into one, it's no the prettiest sight. So as an incredibly pale woman i rely on a good fake tan and believe me, its harder to find than one might think. 
I came across a new tan which isnt yet sold on Aussie shelves but is soon to (i believe), and i may have found my holy grail tan... seriously.
So what's the name of this saviour? Cocoa Brown Tan. I'm wearing the gradual tan but what you are seeing in these photos (apart from an adorably bright playsuit) is only one coat of tan, not even joking.
So, are you jeslous and want some for yourself? Well don't stress yourself just yet as you can still buy online from Feel Unique. Here's a link for all of those who can't be bothered looking for it yourself.
Handy, right?

Now i can get away with wearing this cute blue playsuit from ice designs without worrying about whether i look too 'washed out'.
So, now that i have my tan and playsuit, where's that ice cream at?

Orange and Black

I always rely on Pilgrim for a great crop. This lady luxe crop from their current collection is just divine!
A minimalist piece thats both playful and smart.  Styled simply with a black symmetrical skirt (also from pilgrim), black jacket and black heels. I can see these pieces getting a lot of wear this summer!


All products from Stefan Makeup. Shop the range HERE

You know what they say about spring, time for some Spring cleaning! Throwing away the old, and making way for the new and thats exactly what i did with my makeup collection.  For so many years i have tried what feels like every single high street brand, trying to find the perfect makeup (namely foundation) to suit my skin, being incredibly pale. So a few weeks ago i thought it was finally time to throw out all the products that i tried once and put away to the back of my drawer and try something a little new.
I was recently contacted by Stefan Cosmetics who asked if i would like to try their range and of course, i said hell yeah! Fast forward till now and I am honestly loving these products and i think they will be perfect for spring/summer. I don't think any of these products will go unused.
They made their way into my monthly favourites video which you can view below.

If there's one thing you should do today, it's to check out their range and maybe make a sneaky purchase of your own.



Laced up

This is a Yoyo Melody dress that i have been eagerly waiting for! And the day i get the chance to wear it, it rains. 
I can tell this dress is going to be one of my go-to's this summer. The lace up detail on the back transforms this piece from a standard black dress to a must have this season and such a bargain i wish i had gotten one for all my friends too. 
Styled very simply with a basic gold necklace for an appropriate walk along the beach to welcome the Spring.

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