Street Style

Leggings - Ice Design, Top - Miss Shop, Heels - Asos, Jewelry - Lovisa

I have a new obsession: Houndstooth, but even better? Monochrome houndstooth. You all know i cant get enough of the ol' black and white. I love that i can just chuck on a black (or white) tank and leave it at that. Perfect for those like me who just sometimes don't have time to plan an outfit.
Keeping the styling minimal, i let these babies do all the talking.



Printed Dress

How my free days are generally spend- strolling along the beach in bare feet, listening to the waves and the wind through the trees. To be able to do this in a dress again makes me extremely happy. To do it in this dress in particular makes me even happier. I love this gorgeous natural print and the small details that just work so well with my complexion, never thought i'd say that! The Shanti Butterfly have really out done themselves this season with their new 'Beautiful Odyssey' collection. If i were to steer you in the direction of any new aussie label it would be these guys. Always such a pleasure to wear.
You can now show The Shanti Butterfly online, where you can check out this, and other great previous collections. 
Have a fantastic week!


Layered with my go-to winter coat from St Frock i dared to step outside in...wait for it... a dress. 
No, me neither. 
But this dress was a little different. My legs were out, my arms were out, even my midriff made a sneaky appearance in this very cute mini dress which is coincidentally also from St Frock. We all know i'm a huge sucker for a great dress.
  Every year without a doubt, as soon as there is a sign of spring i'm in a summer dress and hittin' up the nearest beach. Do i have a problem? Maybe. I like to think i'm just optimistic. 



With rain slashing the windows and high winds rage through the trees, i sit by the window, watching the elements. All dressed up and nature begging me to stay indoors. I long to go outside, to feel the dampness on my face and smell the fresh air that both hurts the brain with an agonizing freeze and fills the senses with the rich sweetness that comes from the blossom flowers, daring to show their heads. 
The cold shivers that rise through my body prick the hairs on my arms as i step into the wind, blowing down from the mountain, now covered in snow. 
I breathe, chest rising and falling, filling my lungs with the floral scents and my heart with anticipation.
Spring is on it's way.


Touch of Blue

Jacket - St Frock, Dress - Cooper St, Heels - Asos, Neclace - Lovisa

An unexpected warmer day permitted me to dress in something a little more leggy, although a warmer day in Tasmania still means there's snow about so baring my legs completely is just going to have to wait till the summer. I've had this dress for a week and i've been looking for a day to wear it so you know me... with the sun out, any excuse will do.
I paired this incredibly gorgeous Cooper St dress with a black blazer from St Frock, my new favourite online store. I'd say it was a simple blazer but its anything but with it's flowing front and hidden pockets, perfect and light for this specific occasion. With black leggings and heels to accompany this dress it's given the vibrant colours a chance to pop and boy did it!
And voila, a day look to compliment a statement 'going out' dress.