Checking in: Life Update

Happy Friday!
As i write this post i sit here, sucking mindlessly on a banana paddlepop (a personal favourite) savouring the few minutes i have to sit down and semi-relax. 
To say that the past few weeks have been busy is a massive understatement. I am currently at a crossroads in my life and trying to work out exactly what or where to take my next step. At the moment i'm trying to start up a family business (Tanda Hill Farm and Bake House- can you imagine me in the kitchen baking fancy pastries?!) with my mother in the hope that the family can run it and have a very happy and successful future career. Let me tell you, trying to start a business is hard work but i'm not complaining. We live, we learn, we make a heck of a lot of mistakes, spend far too much money on coffee to keep ourselves away and at the end of the day we come away from it either very happy and successful or with a few new lessons learnt. 
A few days ago i had a free afternoon so i popped down the road to Lake Barrington- i know, how lucky am i to only live down the road from THIS incredible place. 
Lazy afternoons obviously call for sun tanning, light slip dresses and a dip in the lake. All at once, of course! 

I'm not too sure how this venture will play out but i do know i'm going to give it my best shot. I'm off this weekend to the Evandale Market to try and sell some yummy pieces. If you're around the state then do pop by, but for now i have some cookies in the oven that are beginning to smell a little over-cooked. Oops!

Have a fantastic weekend!

Colder Summers

On those summer days in Australia when your dress stays in the closet and pants are required. On days like this light pants are essential. As they're such a minimal statement piece theres no need to style them too much. Opt for a simple black tank and a blazer. 

Red lips are optional. 

Perfect for an afternoon in the sunshine.

The Statement Piece - New Years

One styling rule that i always try to keep is to have one item as the statement piece and style the rest of the outfit around that one piece. 
This jumpsuit which was  kindly gifted to me as a Chrissy present by the lovely team at Glamorous UK is what i would call a statement piece, and one that i have quite taken to at the moment. 
It may have been in the winter collection from Glamorous as it is, as we all know, winter over there, but i have found that it's a perfect piece for a Tasmanian not-too-hot-not-too-cold Summer. Plus it gives me a chance to grow the collection of freckles that seem to be forming into a one huge freckle on my shoulders. Nice thought huh?
Anyway, yesterday i got the chance to walk off some of that enormous Christmas/boxing day lunch off with  stroll down the road near my families property here in Tasmania and this jumpsuit was the perfect choice. Styled very simply with black hat, sunglasses and heels. Not too much else is needed to create a perfect outfit with this perfect winter jumpsuit.... or summer... depends on how you like to look at it. 

Now i'll just publish this post and go nurse my very sun burnt shoulders. All worth it though, all worth it. 

While i'm here i also just wanted to wish you all a very very happy new year and i'd like to thank each and every one of my readers for supporting me through 2014. It has really meant a lot to me.
Much love xx

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Game, Set, Match

What's Black. White. Black. White. Red? Me, that's what.

I've partnered up with Glamorous UK to share some of their pieces this holiday season. Not really appropriate attire for these sunny days of late but you know me, but a monochrome pant in from of me and i swoon. Naturally i had to have these in my wardrobe, no matter the season.
Paired with all black and a bold red lip, minus one tennis racket.


How to wear: The Shirt Dress

Dress - St Frock, Belt - Esther Boutique

Celebrating the start of the week with a killer new dress. What better way to scare away a week of forcast showers than by getting your arms and legs out, which is exactly what i did last weekend, wearing this striped shirt dress from St Frock. Paired with a simple metal belt, not much else is needed to accompany this piece, just keepin' it simple! 
What else do i need for a perfect week? 
Answer: Lots of chocolate and some de-stress medication before my driving test this afternoon- finally!

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