Touch of Blue

Jacket - St Frock, Dress - Cooper St, Heels - Asos, Neclace - Lovisa

An unexpected warmer day permitted me to dress in something a little more leggy, although a warmer day in Tasmania still means there's snow about so baring my legs completely is just going to have to wait till the summer. I've had this dress for a week and i've been looking for a day to wear it so you know me... with the sun out, any excuse will do.
I paired this incredibly gorgeous Cooper St dress with a black blazer from St Frock, my new favourite online store. I'd say it was a simple blazer but its anything but with it's flowing front and hidden pockets, perfect and light for this specific occasion. With black leggings and heels to accompany this dress it's given the vibrant colours a chance to pop and boy did it!
And voila, a day look to compliment a statement 'going out' dress.



Is it just me or has spring sprung a little earlier this year?
Ok, ok, i might be getting a little ahead of myself here but i did jump for joy when i saw a few tree's blossoming on my morning run yesterday.
Long time lover of Aussie label The Shanti Butterfly right here. If you could see me you'd see my hand raised in the air... doesn't really work for the written word does it. Oh well, lets carry on.
 This season they have created the most stunning collection of Spring dresses with some of the loveliest prints ever (i just wish i owned more!). You can check out their newest collection online now and grab yourself an item or two..
                                             ...or five.

Shop now at (where i'll be for the next couple of hours)

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Denim jeans are awesome for those days when you're too tired or lazy to put an outfit together. They always look good paired with (almost) anything and they're comfy as hell! If you've seen my latest couple of posts you'll notice that i can't seem to take these bad boys off, and to be honest, i don't really want to! Add a simple striped top like this or dress it up with something a little more fancy. 
Either way, denim jeans are the way of my future, how about yours?



Can never have enough coats.You can layer anything under them any day of the week. Highly reccommend you check out the range of coats at St Frock, so so many beauties that want to come home with me.  It's no secret i'm obsessed. There's no such thing as too many coats.
You could say the same for denim jeans. These bad boys by ResDenim are top of the list of all time favourite things to put on my legs. They can do no wrong! Seriously, i never want to take them off.
I'm on the long coats and denim forever plan (well, maybe just until the end of winter).
Happy Saturday!